Founding Members



CIMULEC is a SME that has been manufacturing printed circuit boards for its customers and equipment suppliers on aerospace, military and space domains over the last 36 years. Funded in 1979, CIMULEC immediately specialized in the production of multilayer and special printed circuits. The know-how and skills acquired in the field of printed circuits for military and space applications enable CIMULEC to offer all current technologies while anticipating the future needs of users (different mission profiles, various temperature profile). CIMULEC has 75 employees and realizes 33% of its turnover in export, mainly in Europe.



LEM3, UMR CNRS 7239 (Laboratory for Microstructures and Mechanics of Materials) is a laboratory shared between University of Lorraine, CNRS, ENSAM, made up of more than 300 people, divided into 8 research teams . His research activities are concentrated in mechanics of materials, with experimental, numerical and theoretical researches. His field of expertise has been focused on metallic materials for a long period. The fields of application of the researches conducted at LEM3 have nowadays been extended to composite materials and the effect of environment on the behavior of materials. The laboratory is a partner of Grand Est région to support industrial activities.

Partner Entities

The LabCom LEMCI is strongly supported, by the région Grand Est, by the Materalia competitiveness cluster and the GI2M federation.

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