National Projects

Project Rapid/DGA « Macif » Modélisation Avancée pour Circuits Imprimés fiabilisés.

Advanced model for reliable PCB.


Duration: 2 years, October 2010 to September 2012

Topic: Reliability of rigid flex PCB

The goal of this project was to predict the behavior of PCB during thermal loading, to identify damage processes and to evaluate the reliability of the PCB. Numerical simulations of printed circuit boards was carried out to reproduce the failure of plated through holes. Validation of the modeling was carried out by comparisons with results of test vehicles subjected to environmental tests. As a result, it has been shown that buried holes occurred to be the critical configurations.

Publications and conferences: 2 lectures at ESMC2012, EMMC2013, 1 publication in Microelectronics Reliability,

SALAHOUELHADJ A., MARTINY M., MERCIER S., BODIN L., MANTEIGAS D., STEPHAN B., Reliability of thermally stressed rigid-flex printed circuit boards for High Density Interconnect applications, Microelectronics reliability, 2014, vol. 54, pp. 204-213.