Industrial Projects

Project Rapid/DGA « Macif » Modélisation Avancée pour Circuits Imprimés fiabilisés

Partners: MBDA, CIMULEC, LEM3.

Duration: 2 ans du 1/10/2010 au 30/9/2012.

Theme: Fiabilité des Circuits imprimés flex rigide

The objectives of this study were to predict the behavior of thermal loads in printed circuits with buried holes, to be able to analyze degradation processes and to evaluate the evolution of their reliability over time. The simulation of the behavior of printed circuits was carried out to reproduce the fracture of the metallized futures. Validation of the modeling was carried out following test campaigns. Buried holes are the critical configurations.

Publications and conferences: 2 lectures at ESMC2012, EMMC2013, 1 publication in Microelectronics Reliability,

SALAHOUELHADJ A., MARTINY M., MERCIER S., BODIN L., MANTEIGAS D., STEPHAN B., Reliability of thermally stressed rigid-flex printed circuit boards for High Density Interconnect applications, Microelectronics reliability, 2014, vol. 54, pp. 204-213.